Knowing how much your new kitchen will set you back is subjective. No one can tell you how much a kitchen refurbishment will cost. It comes down to how much you are willing to invest. What we can tell you, is the five important things you should consider when designing your new kitchen, that will have the most impact on your investment.

1. Lifestyle

Think about the function of your kitchen, who will use it, as well as how much time you will spend in it. Are you going to be entertaining a lot? Will a lot of meals be had up at the kitchen bench? Are your children going to sit there and do their homework whilst you cook? What mod cons do you need and what could you go without? If you are an entertainer, you may be wanting a
built-in coffee machine, a large laundry size sink and wine fridges. Your lifestyle needs could really drive your budget north so get that essentials, desired, wish for list in check.

2. Storage

What items are you going to be storing? Do you live with someone that is short or has a disability that will require you to use modern hardware in your cabinetry? Are you going to have spots in your kitchen that will have hard to reach cabinets? In this case you may need to invest in blind corner hardware to maximise storage and access. Are you going to need a lot of bench space? It is always great to have a landing space near the fridge. You don’t have to have it on either side, but
directly opposite on a kitchen island always works well. If you are someone that likes everything hidden, you are going to want everything to be organised and easily obtainable. You might even prefer an integrated appliance look – even down to your rubbish bins!

3. Foot Traffic

For a functional kitchen, you want to keep this space clear. Redirect traffic outside of this area if possible. If you have an island and are hoping to have seating at the island, make sure there’s at least 5 feet of clearance.

4. Appliances

You don’t want to put a stove in a corner because you won’t be able to turn your pot handles due to the lack of working space around it. This could also be a fire hazard – be careful!

Also, keep in mind that fridges need landing space. It’s important to have a space to put items down when you take them out of the fridge. Having an island is a great option for landing space in the kitchen It’s easier to design a kitchen around appliances than it is to find appliances to match specific requirements. Hold off on buying these appliances as you may have to tweak things during the design, this way you won’t waste money.

It’s good to have appliances in mind when building cabinets. Integrated appliances are a great option if you want your kitchen to look aesthetically appealing.

One last thing … think about the size of your appliances. We all would love a double oven but sometimes it is not practical. Ensure you understand your priorities and focus on the size of your kitchen. When you
have this in check, you will make all of the right compromises to best fit your family & needs.

5. Finishes + Hardware

Spend time looking at your options for finishes and hardware. This will make a substantial impact on your investment. You may have your heart set on timber veneer cabinetry with a marble island or splashback. Why? Is this because you have a special connection with timber or want an opulent kitchen featuring marbles? There are many options and materials that can be used to
create the aesthetic you are dreaming of, so don’t just jump at the first thing you see. It is also very important to listen to your Cabinet Maker and their advice on different aspects of your cabinetry, they are the experts so take advantage of that.

We have covered the five main considerations that will have the highest impact on your investment. Once you have discussed and documented points in each, you can either pull a budget together or starting having a detailed conversation with your Designer or Cabinet Makers.
Happy planning!


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